15 "Talking Figure Bride of Chucky – Talking Tiffany
15 "Talking Figure Bride of Chucky – Talking Tiffany

15 “Talking Figure Bride of Chucky – Talking Tiffany


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Talking figure of 15 “Bride of Chucky – Talking Tiffany colorful, plastic, with sound chip, made by Mezco. This talking doll is known for being the main figure in the classic of terror “The Bride of Chucky/Bride of Chucky” of the year 1998. Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) was once the bride’s killer in series Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif), of which his soul transferred in a ritual to body of a wrist – and exáctamente as “Chucky” Bad, it continues with their works. Tiffany awakes the Chucky dead denuevo to life because she wants revenge, but Chucky is released and you also transfers your soul in a wrist. Together Then try again to be human… Product Features talking figure of 15 “Bride of Chucky – Talking Tiffany: Official licensed article” Bride of Chucky “design: version with sound – speaks 6 phrases taken from the film (in English) made by: Mezco Toyz, the creators of the famous series” The Living Dead Dolls “Material: Plastic Doll, Clothes of fabric and faux leather. Details: With Blonde Hair, eyes, very realistic, with tattoo and necklace with the Nombr e “Tiff” Size: 15, Height 38 cm Other: comprises of 9 joints: Packaging is in presentation box with window Warnings to EU Toys Directive: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. Warning: Contains small parts not digestible. Warnings in German/English > > Warnhinweise nach EU-Spielzeugrichtlinie: > Nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet.> Achtung: Enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile.> Warnhinweise in deutscher Sprache

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