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Welcome to Choice Dolls Houses

Dolls' Houses and doll house accessories for children and adult collectors alike

There are many kinds of dolls' houses: traditional children's dolls' houses, collectors' dolls' houses, Victorian dolls' houses ... the miniature world of doll houses is not just one- size-fits-all - there is a wide range to choose from, and a lot of information to consider before selecting your dolls' house, such as:

  • Is the dolls' house for a child, and if so how old are they?
  • Is the dolls' house for a grown-up dolls house collector?
  • Are you looking for a modern dolls' house, or something older?
  • Do you want a plastic or wooden dolls' house? At Choice we only sell wooden dolls houses!

Dolls' houses are not just kids' toys: children and adults will all love the quality of our selection. You'll love our price range too - we have a huge range of different dolls' houses and dolls' house kits to suit all ages and budgets. Feel free to look around our website, there is a page for each type of dolls' house or accessory, you're bound to find something you'll like!

Dolls' house accessories and furniture

As well as dolls' houses, we also sell high-quality dolls' accessories: miniature wooden doll house furniture , as well as toy castles, toy figures, toy soldiers, characters from story books and, of course, family dolls to put in your dolls' house, all for delivery across the UK. Check our toy figures page or our toys and dolls page for the full range. Our collection of medieval miniature toy figures is specially scaled down to fit into our toy castles - attention to detail is something you should expect from a dolls' house shop!

Collectors' dolls' houses

Our special collectors range of dolls' houses and accessories is designed for the hobby collector. We carefully select every item to ensure our dolls' houses, accessories, kits and toys are of the highest quality and the right price, so browse our range on the collectors' dolls' houses page today - shopping online at Choice Dolls' Houses is simple.

Our collector's dolls' house kits are British made to the highest standards of quality and simple to assemble (really!). Our range is extensive, and includes Georgian dolls' houses, Victorian dolls' houses and cottages, as well as shops. Free information will be given to our customers on the building and decorating of these dolls' houses - you can contact us for help at any time.

Children's dolls' houses

Our children's dolls' house kits are all flat packed to keep shipping costs down, but are very easy to assemble. The children's dolls' house kits are all from top manufacturers such as Le Toy Van, Plan Toys, Dolls' house Workshop, Joy Toys, Pin Toys and The Toy Workshop. Apart from Plan Toys - whose doll houses are made from a special tactile rubber wood and should not be painted - every dolls' house comes fully decorated. Dolls houses from Pin Toys have only painted rooves and doors.

We compliment our range of dolls' houses with scaled miniature dolls' house furniture, dolls, accessories, and an extensive range of Schleich and Papo figures.

We can offer 48 hour delivery service throughout the UK on all of our dolls' houses, dolls, accessories, doll house furniture, toys, and figures, provided they are in stock. Feel free to contact us, online or by phone, for more information on our dolls' houses and doll house accessories.

Dolls House TV

We have been lucky enough to be chosen for the DroidStar Electronlics Quirky TV Competition.  This competition highlights the flexibility of micro-camera film making and we are going to use our kindly donated micro camera to film doll house footage that can be live-streamed through their StarBox Tv Box.  We think it is the first time that the ages old tradition of doll house ownership has been publicised by the use of cutting edge technology.

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